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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Well Well Well....

So much for a daily blog :D
Since my last post I've created so much work, whether it be for school or for personal benefits. Very happy with what I created - a short film out of still photographs, a trailer for my media creation and performed my A2 drama piece...with epic results :D

If you remember, I lost my novel-in-progress... and wanted to start it again - I have decided to just stop because I don't want to try and recreate what I had done. But in the last half hour I had an epiphany...a new idea came to me and I think I'll try it and see where it goes.

Been addicted to Mad Men (watching through the 1st season on Blu Ray) the writing and acting are superb. I love 50s/60s fashion - suits are the shit!

Love y'all muchly


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  1. Haha more like a blog a month looking at the archive!
    Hope the uni application is going well!