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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Well Well Well....

So much for a daily blog :D
Since my last post I've created so much work, whether it be for school or for personal benefits. Very happy with what I created - a short film out of still photographs, a trailer for my media creation and performed my A2 drama piece...with epic results :D

If you remember, I lost my novel-in-progress... and wanted to start it again - I have decided to just stop because I don't want to try and recreate what I had done. But in the last half hour I had an epiphany...a new idea came to me and I think I'll try it and see where it goes.

Been addicted to Mad Men (watching through the 1st season on Blu Ray) the writing and acting are superb. I love 50s/60s fashion - suits are the shit!

Love y'all muchly


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Positive note (Y)

Finally, something positive to say - writing has commenced!!!
Just sat down for an hour and wrote two pages, well.....rewrote the two that I was able to save :)
Trying to stay positive and push on with it.
Bought a book last week, it arrived yesterday..... pretty fricking awesome
Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk.
The guy is a fucking legend. I won't bore you with details about the book as I'm sure you've heard of him.... if you haven't then you need to be slapped.
Be sure to look up what Survivor is about, as with his other books the narrator is unique :)

Got a media deadline to meet this week.... should be able to meet it!
Things are starting to look up.....
Applied for a job yesterday too - I need money to fund my outrageous social life hahahaha.

Nice talking to y'all

Peace out


Oh, watch 'Dr. Horrible's Sing along Blog' it's the greatest musical ever written :D it's all on Youtube.

Sunday, 28 February 2010


Such an awful week last week due to the stroke that my laptop had, causing me to lose EVERYTHING! I don't really care about losing school work because it can be redone and a simple explanation to the teachers and they understand. But I lost my "novel" that I was working on, basically the thing that has been one of the closest things to me - 40 whole pages just gone. I know it's my fault for not backing it up, all I have left is two pages....the first two, I really want to rewrite but what I had before the loss was something that I was REALLY proud of, and I'm not one to love my own work. But I have a horrible feeling that if I try to rewrite it, I'll try too hard at trying to make it like it was and just end up ruining it......
I think I'll just write and see where it goes.....if it goes to shit then I will have to make lots of changes :( ahhh well, as long as i have these first two pages and no fire hitting my house and destroying those then I'll be OK.

Another pointless blog to basically no one........


Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Getting late.
Should be asleep.
Can't sleep.
Exam tomorrow.

Too busy writing what could be the best thing i've ever done with myself..... I really need more followers on this.
Anyway, I'm writing what at the moment is something based on myself and those around me, a written adaptation of what I wanted to do for my AS media - but a lot more grown up. When writing something like that, I feel great - no restrictions to what I can/can't write.

When (more like if) I finish it, it's to have a finished product - I can see myself using to get it printed into a paperback and give it to someone as a present.... who knows? People who have read what I've written think I should send it to a publisher. I don't think I could handle rejection on that level.

AS Media retake tomorrow.... I am scared!


Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I'm at the point of finishing my university application......but i'm now looking at my choices and thinking 'is this really what i want to do?'. Not good i know, I would love to write,direct and star in my own films but there is such a tiny chance of that even happening. The only way i could do that is either do it through uni, or pay for it all myself.....I don't see that option happening any time soon.

But now i've taken on Photography at AS level, i've become enveloped by the subject but even if i choose to do that, the chance of getting anywhere is still bloody small.

Why couldn't i choose to be something simple like a lot of other people want to be?

I hate confusion.

I hate having to choose what i want to be in such a restricted period, how can people really see my passion for what i want to be in such a small amount of time? Yes, i want to be different...but doesn't everyone?!

Confiding in people hasn't really helped with this because most say the same thing.... "do what you feel is best for you".

Is it really best for me to go and do a film course (if i even get into one) and find out that i can't do anything after? That what i feel i'd do best at, is in fact not that.

Well i have to make my mind up in the next few

This has been a Venting of Mills haha.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Here Be My First Post

After many months of being unsure about 'blogging' i decided to give it a go....

Just an introduction will do here i suppose :D
I'm Alex Mills, I live in Plymouth,UK. I am studying Media,Theatre Studies and Photography for my A-levels to hopefully get me into Uni next year to do film production. If i carry on blogging, i'm sure you will hear a lot about films from me as i suppose it's my main interest.

So i'll quickly talk about what i'm watching....... Bowling For Columbine, a documentary in which Michael Moore explores the roots of America's predilection for gun violence. One of the main focus points being when two students embarked on a massacre that killed twelve students and one teacher, injuring another 21 students then turning the guns on themselves to finish it.

At first the blame was put on Marilyn Manson..... and in the film there is an interview with him, in my opinion it's the best part of the documentary. here is the interview -

I could talk about this for a while as i am very much on Manson's side, not just because i'm a fan of his but the points that he makes are just so true.

A somewhat depressing first blog.